SHS Chorus Coffee House

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This event is created and organized by the SHS Chorus Council. This year members of that council are: Jamison Roy Liliana Herrera AiLi Greenwood Chloe Wissekerke Madyson Roebuck Katrina Cabral Ava Moniz John Nelson Student Technical Liaison Robert Bird Cameren DeCourcey Program Honors Chorus Happier Natalie Coryea Creep Alyssa Romanovitz I’ll Follow You Into the Dark Christiana Guiliano Halo Ava Moniz and Hannah Smith Soon You’ll Get Better Jami Roy Vienna Lili Herrera and AiLi Greenwood Slow Burn Joie Lynch-Noah Cyrus song playing and singing AiLi Greenwood Stormy Weather Emily Aloise Jar of Hearts Kylie Marsh What I Did For Love Lili Herrera and Alex Roy Unworthy of Your Love Faith Caroll, Jami Roy and Anna Carroll Knitted Blanket

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