SHS Theatre Arts Presents: The Wizard of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz Director: Chris Bujold Vocal Direction by: Julia Horaj Musical Direction by: Marty Claussen Stage Manager: Austin Hernandez Choreography by: Taylor Vetere Production Designer: Jillian Thiele House Manager Bernie Campbell Flying by: Flying by Foy Director of Performing Arts, K-12: Lauren Peithmann Technical Director for Seifert Performing Arts Center: Molly Derrig The Wizard of Oz is presented by arrangement with TAMS-WITMARK Cast: Dorothy - Faith Carroll Aunt Em - Hannah Smith Uncle Henry - Cam DeCourcey Zeke/Cowardly - Lion Jami Roy Hickory/Tinman - Donovan Homsey Hunk/Scarecrow - Alex Roy Gulch/Wicked Witch - Joie Lynch Professor Marvel/Wizard - Benjamin Record Mayor of Munchkinland - Olivia Eno Coroner - Ava Moniz Glinda - Kylie Marsh Emerald - City Guard Matt Kurr Toto Puppeteer - Denali Davis Winkie General - Joah Debrocke Nikko, Monkey - General Olivia Eno Flying Monkey - Alyssa Romanovitz Crows/Trees/Jitterbugs: Natalie Coryea AiLi Greenwood Liliana Herrera Jitterbugs: Christiana Giuliano Hannah Greenwood Yahli Irelander Grace Quinby Carly Standen Poppies: Emily Aloise Natalie Coryea Christiana Giuliano AiLi Greenwood Liliana Herrera Lizzy Jackson Valerie McDonnell Winkies Emily Aloise Lana German Lizzy Jackson Valerie McDonnell Ava Rastello Ozians Aryanna Cabrera Aaliyah Campusano Cam DeCourcey Hunter DuMouchel Olivia Eno Yahli Irelander Lizzy Jackson Ava Moniz Grace Quinby Ava Rastello Mady Roebuck Hannah Smith Carly Standen Chloe Wissekerke Munchkins: Barrister: Alexandra Kayo Fathers: Lilyanne DeFeo, Emily Troisi Lullabye League: Makayla Burns, Addison Morgano, Heather Smith Lollipop Guild: Ilahy Irelander, Aiden King, Eddie Scull Munchkin Chorus Lucy Barbagallo Xavier Delgado-Rivera Aliyah Howard Ruby Lowe Penelope Oberlander Liliana Ortiz Pit Orchestra: Conductor/Musical Director: Marty Claussen Flute: Ana Pelchat, Kelly Nolan, Hana Watanabe, Molly Campbell Clarinet: Alex Daigle, Emily Waterhouse, Rachel Dion, Sophie LaBrecque Alto Saxophone: Andrea Sperl, Isabella Lenfest Tenor Saxophone: Alex Maciariello, Hunter Glickel Baritone Saxophone: Gabby Faro Bassoon: Kylie Dennis Trumpet: Brad Griffin, Liam Leavitt, Jess Kamal, Tim Ryan, Michael Hood-Dowd, Samantha Maguire, Jayvius Joaquin, Khelvyn Estrella French Horn: Amy Annicelli Tuba: Tyler Nadeau Synthesizer: Ethan Wolfe Bass: Celia Sarmanian Percussion: Colin Marchand, Phil Breton Piano: Hannah Faust Lexi Riccardi Technical Crew: Props: Valerie McDonnell Makeup: Anna Carroll Costumes: Annette Carroll, Pauline McDonnell Dressers: Hannah Greenwood Light Board Operator/Projectionist: Devin Mack Sound Board: Molly Derrig Fly Operators: Bailey Nickerson, Robert Bird Cast Flying Operators: Geoff Breton, Amanda Klimowicz, Mike Courtois, Bernie Campbell, Jillian Thiele, Chris Bujold Stage Crew: Aaliyah Dorsett, Maddie Reina, Sophia Dell’Ali, Matthew Beaupre, Cassie Carito, Nate Roebuck Poster and Cover Art: Alex Roy Program: Bernie Campbell, Lauren Peithmann

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