Focus on Acheivement - Barron Elementary School

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William T. Barron School Principal Christine Honey-Nadeau, along with Robin Teuber, school nurse, will provide an overview of the changes that were made this year in order to safely and successfully host orientation sessions for kindergarten Bobcats, the class of 2033. The presentation will highlight the schedule of events that were planned for students and their parents, the kindergarten LibGuide that was created, and the safety protocols that have been put in place. We will also share, through a video hosted by our kindergarten teachers, the changes they have made to their classroom and recess routines and procedures. The video will also address how the three in-school kindergarten teachers, along with their remote grade level partner, work as a team to provide a consistent experience for all of our youngest Bobcats.

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Tomorrow at 8:00 PM
10/22 at 3:24 AM