Woodbury School Band & Strings Winter Informance

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Thank you for watching our Winter Informance Video! We are incredibly proud of our students and staff in Salem Performing Arts for the flexibility and dedication they’ve demonstrated as we began our choral and instrumental instruction this fall. Due to COVID, we’ve had to change a lot about how we’re instructing all programs this year. Chorus students are socially distancing and wearing masks. Rehearsals also have a time limit for singing. Strings students are distancing, grouping by cohort or class, and wearing masks at all times. And our band students are required to follow even more protocols including playing masks, playing time limits, bell covers, and others to help keep everyone safe. However, even in the face of all of these challenges, our staff and students persevere, and the result is what you’re about to see! So this year, instead of a traditional Winter Performance, we’ve created these “Informances”. We’re excited to share with you in this video how we’re making music and providing musical experiences this fall in Salem. You’ll see students talking about their experiences in classes, catch some skill building moments from rehearsals, and you may also see and hear some music that’s ready to share. We hope that this video highlights the process and work that your students are engaged in within our ensemble classes across the district. We also want to take this moment to thank our administrators, teachers and staff, our students, and our outstanding Salem School District media department for helping us put these Informances together! We’d also like to thank you, the families and community, who support them in their musical endeavors. Thank you so much for all you do! Enjoy this Winter Informance! Take care, and be well.

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