Spring 2021 Drive-In Concert

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Salem High School Chorus's Spring 2021 Outdoor Concert. 1 “Symphonics” Feat. Jami Roy Joie Lynch Liliana Ortiz Alex Roy Natalie Coryea Hannah Smith Liliana Herrera Love You A Long Time 2 Liliana Ortiz Life On Mars Mrs. Horaj 3 Callie Arcidiacono Bohemian Rhapsody 4 Alex Roy and Townsend Moving to New York 5 Ben Record 2021 Pop Medley 6 Siobhan McKee Blue Lips Mrs. Horaj and Jake McLean 7 “Natural Disaster” Ben Record, Jake McLean Evan Poremba Love Trap/High School 8 Jami Roy ft. Alex Roy, Danny Cerretani, Jack Sharkey and Cam Lacroix The Stranger 10 Yahli Irelander Back to Black Mrs. Horaj Aryanna Cabrera Dreaming of You 11 Lizzy Jackson and Emily Aloise Next to Me Mrs. Horaj 12 Jovanna Flaherty Someone Like You Mrs. Horaj 13 Natalie Coryea ft. Townsend Purple Converse (original) 14 Olivia Marion I’m Yours Mrs. Horaj 15 Alyssa Romanovitz Bright by Echosmith Mrs. Horaj 16 Joie Lynch ft. Townsend Still Into You (Paramore) Mrs. Horaj 17 Hannah Smith and Natalie Coryea Night Changes by One Direction Mrs. Horaj 18 Liliana Herrera Gravity Mrs. Horaj 19 Emily Aloise Rise Up Mrs. Horaj 20 Townsend Danny Cerretani Adam Chopelas Cam Lacroix Jack Sharkey Ft. Liam Leavitt Hello Purple Dogs Things Will Get Better MCs Hannah Smith Jami Roy

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